Hackathon 20/07/2020 — Projectwale.com- 9004670813

Hello all,
This is only for who have registered before 20/07/2020
marks at each execution given to each point .
Here is your hackathon problem statement
1)user able to login(mobile number,password) and registration(mobile number, password,email id) — 5 marks
2)user should get screen for multiline text and submit button after login — 2 marks
3)in textbox user will enter facebook post id of news ex. https://www.facebook.com/abpmajha/videos/2716488591928781/ — 1 marks
4)you will get facebook post on by clicking time ex. 22 minutes ago, 1 day ago . please google. No marks
5)fetch all the comment from above post do sentiment analysis with any Machine learning algorithm on marathi comments,english comments
positive,negative,neutral . display count, display graph of this count.
for fetching comment you can use any methods. graph explorer already given by facebook you can use that also.
analysis on marathi text is must. — 20 marks (compulsory)
6)find the similar post related with this content based on post analysis from dummy database. — 6 marks
i.e. finding post is related with exam for final year by using hashtag or searching word or by maintaining database
display this information on page.
7)students can make dummy dataset for training marathi text upto 1000 sentence. — 6 marks

Total marks — 40

depending on your presentation and working skill marks will be alloted.
you can not skip 5th point from above problem statement.
other than that its your will.
Addition of all those marks obtaining higher marks with point number 5 implemented properly will be winner

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